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I‘m Mamad and I’m a portrait and wedding photographer in Nottingham and London.


I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Photography from Brooks Institute, California.

I recently achieved runner up Professional Photographer Of The Year 2014 in the wedding category, as well as “Top 10 Most Popular Wedding Photographers in England”.

Take a few moments to look around my website, and if you think I may be the right photographer for you, then contact me about your wedding, family photo session or commercial project.

I hope to get to tell your story.

I try to tell your story as honestly as I possibly can, without any interference or manipulation. I like to be a fly on the wall and purely document what goes on around me. I find that this produces the most true and honest representation of you and your emotions at that particular point in time. This is what I love to capture for you.
With experience comes a special wedding instinct and apprehension, to know where and when to look for those special moments; the tears, the laughter, the tight meaningful  hugs and so on. These moments could happen from the bridal preparations in the early hours all the way through to the late stages after the first dance. I never stop scanning the room for them. These moments will stitch together to tell the story of your day in your album.
Wedding photography used to be about standing up straight in an awkward line with all the wedding party trying to look as smart and pleasant looking as possible. That was when I used to think I would never be a wedding photographer!



All that has changed in the past few years with the explosion of trendy young wedding photographers, with fashion photography backgrounds and so on, injecting a dose of fun and creativity into modern wedding photography.

I love it when I get the more artistically inclined bride and groom, and I encourage them to express themselves as they truly are in their wedding photos.

It is a passion of mine to produce artistic works of art for your walls.

I can’t stop looking through the photos on a daily basis, as it feels like I am living through that wonderful day again and again! Rosie & Cyrus


Mamad is such a relaxed and awesome weeding photographer in nottingham and he helped to make the day what it was.

Leanne & Daniel



What's your style of photography?

The title is Lifestyle reportage wedding and portrait photography. That basically means that I will not tell you what to do, where to go, how to stand etc. I love to photograph “real” moments, and that means letting you be who you truly are. If I’m photographing your wedding day, I like to tell the story as it happened. I would hate to interrupt that.

What areas do you cover?

I am based in Nottingham, however I regularly travel throughout the UK to wedding locations. For portrait shoots, my basic fee covers the Nottingham areas, however I do travel to London for a few portrait shoots per year at a slightly increased fee.

How long before we get to see our wedding photos?

A sneak peak will be posted on FB within 2 days, followed by your online gallery about 2 weeks later. Your album is very carefully handcrafted by specialists, and takes about 5 weeks of production time.

Do we get all the digital images? How many will there be?

Yes you do. Depending on how long I have been booked to be at your wedding, you will receive between 800 to 1,500 images. All my packages, wedding and portrait, include edited images on a disk in a presentation box. That includes re-print and re-use rights (personal use). The images are edited in terms of colour, tone and exposure.

Do you have backup camera equipment?

Yes. All my equipment are professional Nikon cameras and lenses that I work with every day of the week. I have backup cameras as well as backup hard drives (on-site and off-site) where the images will be stored.

What do you love most about photographing weddings?

I love the fact that I can stay relatively unnoticed for the most part and document the real emotions, not only between the couple, but also their friends and family. There is so much raw emotion on a wedding day. I love to tell the authentic story of the day with my photography.

Do you have insurance?

Yes I do.

How do we book you?

Great question! Please fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page letting me know the date of your wedding. I will check my diary and if I am available we can meet and discuss your requirements further. You are under no obligation to book me as your photographer. After we have met and talked about your wedding plans, you and your partner can go away and discuss your thoughts and let me know by phone or email. I don’t like to pressure people into making any hasty decisions.
When you’re ready, a £250 deposit will secure your date.

When we were looking for a wedding photographer to capture our special day, little did we realise how blessed we would be with Mamad. Right from the start his relaxed attitude and informed approach put us both at ease and we could not be any happier with the end result. Our photographs are simply incredible: Mamad worked hard and has produced a fantastic album that we can now enjoy forever.
We would recommend him unreservedly.
Halina & Trevor

West Bridgford

We are totally in love with our photos. You have done such an amazing job Mamad. Thank you so so much! Rebecca & Ian


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Engagement Shoot in West Bridgford | Halina + Trevor

Engagement Shoot in West Bridgford | Halina + Trevor

I photographed Halina and Trevor’s engagement shoot at Rushcliffe Country Park, near West Bridgford in Nottingham. When I met them in the car park, Halina said that she was a little nervous  about getting her photos taken. I explained that this is the very reason why I do these engagement shoots, to get over the initial fear of being in front of a camera, so that by the time their wedding day comes round they are both much more relaxed and there is an element of trust between them and me. So for the next 20 minutes or so we strolled through the park and chatted about their wedding plans and how it was going so far, without taking any photos at all. I explained what types of photos I was after, showed them some example photos on my iPhone, we discussed some locations in the park and by this time Halina was already starting to relax a lot more. Dare I say, she was even  beginning to get into it a bit! The shoot actually took about 2 hours in total, although it seemed a lot less to all of us. As we were saying our goodbyes in the car park, Halina told me that she actually really enjoyed the shoot. This was so rewarding for me to hear, and fortified my belief that an engagement session is a crucial part of the whole wedding photography experience. This is why I include engagement shoots in ALL my wedding packages and do not treat them as extras. Halina and Trevor are to be married at St Giles Church in...
Wedding at The Old Vicarage Boutique Hotel Southwell

Wedding at The Old Vicarage Boutique Hotel Southwell

This is part 2 of Halina and Trevor’s wedding at The Old Vicarage Boutique Hotel in Southwell. In part 1, the preparations were taking place and now they arrive at St Giles Church in West Bridgford. After the church ceremony they travel back to The Old Vicarage Boutique Hotel where, feeling much more relaxed everyone lets their hair down for a bit of a shindig!...
Children’s Portrait Photographer in Nottingham

Children’s Portrait Photographer in Nottingham

Children’s Portrait Photographer in Nottingham | Personal Work I had read about “Freelensing” but never actually tried it out for myself, until a few days ago. “Freelensing” is a relatively inexpensive way of getting the similarly unique effect of an expensive tilt-shift lens, where the focus plane is thrown out of whack with the added bonus of natural light leaks. This is similar to what is achieved in medium format field cameras that can tilt the angle of the lens board. This is something I am well accustomed to from my photography course at college, but how will it look on a 35mm camera? A more expensive way to achieve this effect is either to purchase a tilt shift lens for your DSLR camera or lensbaby have also come up with their clever little idea. But freelensing is a much cheaper/ free way to do it. You simply detach the lens from the camera body and tilt it in different directions to find the sweet spot where you want it to be. A good guide can be found on the B&H website. I took my Nikon D750 and an old Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens to chase the kids around the garden and here’s what I achieved on my first attempt…       I am a Children’s portrait photographer based in Nottingham, and if you liked the images here and on the rest of my site, please do get in touch with me to arrange a shoot for your family...





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